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lots of changes

so many changes it's hard to track them! The job I had for the past 4-1/2 years ended and I was lucky enough to pick up a contract job that started just as the last one ended, but it's just a short-term gig with no benefits, so soon I'll be back in full job search mode again. The job ending was a total surprise to me and I was sorry to see it go. It had to do with some corporate decisions, nothing I did or didn't do that I shouldn't or should have done and I left on good terms.
The end of the year and holidays are coming and I hope my job will hold out at least that long.  ...
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Oh, Demeter, what a disappointment!

Ok, so I ordered the two new white tea fragrances in roll on PERFUME OIL form because I wanted to get the most concentrated and lasting formula for trying the new scents.
The scents are sooooooo faint, even in PERFUME OIL form, that I can barely smell them at all. They seem to last about 5 minutes before fading away entirely and have sillage of about 1mm. Very disappointing. The fragrances are so faint, I can't even tell if they truly smell like tea or not.
Total disappointment.
On the other hand, I got Iced Black Keemun Tea from The Scent Works and that one is pretty good. I tried Black Tea from Brambleberry and it starts out smelling of tea with heavy burnt rubber and bergamot notes. Luckily the burnt rubber fades off but the tea and bergamot are there about equally. I don't have anything against it and as an Earl Grey tea fragrance, it's quite nice. I am just wanting plain black tea and plain white tea.
My search continues. . .
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OMG Demeter has read my mind!

lately I have been obsessed with finding a white tea fragrance. not with bergamot, DEFINITELY not with musk, just white tea, because I think white tea is the most awesome tea there is.
Demeter just came out with not one, but TWO white tea fragrances. Mine are on order already. Thanks to "Now Smell This" for the heads up about this.
This is what Demeter has to say about their new white tea fragrances:
"Almost all of our tea fragrances, however, are blends; even the traditional Earl Grey, which is dominated by bergamot. With the Tea Duo, however, it is all about the tea itself: a White Tea, to be precise. The name "white tea" comes from the fine silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant, which gives the plant a whitish appearance. White Tea represents a style of tea making that has become popular in the last 200 years.
Silvery Tip Pekoe Tea
A very clean fragrance, a light green scent with citrus notes and light floral notes. Fresh and invigorating, the scent is inspired by the expensive and luxurious Silvery Tip Pekoe white tea, mostly from the Fujian and Zhejiang provinces in China. Silvery Tip is highly prized for its famous color and appearance, as well as it's taste and smell.
Baihao Yinzhen Tea
A deeper, green scent with heavier wood notes complimented by lighter citrus tones. It is more complex, masculine and deeper that it's Silvery Tip cousin."
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TEA fragrance

I am looking for a fragrance (preferably an oil) that smells like tea. just plain old black tea. Not green tea (too common) no spices, no flowers, no extras. just tea.
i have a few samples ordered to try. i'm anxious for them to get here and hope they won't be a disappointment.
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still here. . .

posting - not because I have something important to say, but just to keep my LJ going. 2014 is closing in fast. just doing my daily routine, nothing eventful to comment on.
Correfoc, Barcelona Aug 21 2009 Fire Run
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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

OCC is going to be at Comic Con with a new, reportedly amazingly awesome lip tar called "Fragmented Alice" and it's supposed to be a super-metallic foil greenish color. Of course I want to get some, but I think it's a CC exclusive. They will be having a Fragmented Alice line coming out in August. I'm extra-curious to see what that will include
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George Zimmerman made a "mistake of judgement"

So said the juror.
But one could also make the case that Bernie Madolf, Jeffrey Dahlmer, or Ted Bundy all made mistakes of judgement, too. Some "mistakes of judgement" have results so henious that the consequences OUGHT TO BE severe.
Stalking someone against the request of the police, and then claiming self defense really stretches credulity. I guess they wouldn't have wanted me on that jury.
Additionally, if he had been found gulity, do any of those jurors think that their decision would be the final one on that case? It would have been appealed and appealed and appealed until there was no other court to appeal it to. I'm just shocked at how they could have possibly arrived at the decision of "not guilty". Not guilty at all.
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Death and Dementia

something so rare

Something very rare is on its way to me ---- a bottle of BPAL India Ink from Comicon. A member of the community (which, again, is the friendliest, most generous and lovely group on LJ, IMHO) picked one up for me. Since I drew and painted a LOT as a kid and studied art for years, this one has a special resonance with me. I loved the smell of India Ink as a kid so being able to have that fragrance around me without big black blobs on my pulse points is a real treat.
Just when I think the whole world is quickly on its way to hell in a handbasket, somebody comes along and does something outrageously NICE and gives me a wonderful gift like this. Since BPAL was only at Comicon for one evening, I'm sure she battled crowds and had plenty of patience to work her way through it to get a bottle of this for somebody she's never even met. It's just NICE. If only the world had a lot more people like this.
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Lucky me!

I actually managed to score a pair of these in my size! They are comfortable and they are awesome and were hella cheap at Forever 21. Now if only I could manage to turn up a pair of those wonderful Jeffrey Campbell "Seattle Love" boots in my size. . .
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