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I am a lifelong learner. I'm an aries with pisces ascendant and moon in pisces, which I think is good because having all that water tempers me. I was born in a year of the water dragon, which is also good for the same reasons. I am getting older than I think I am comfortable about, because I don’t feel or think or act like I am old. I graduated with honors both times. I love glitter. I have lived in a shelter twice. I am concerned with the thoughts and feelings of others, and have been an emotional caretaker most of my life. I am emotional and sincere. My parents divorced when I was young. I have always liked to play with clothing and makeup. I used to model. I am Buddhist and a pacifist. I loathe laziness. I love the movies. I have always been independent, either by choice or circumstance. My favorite colors are black and pale aqua. I currently have only one pet - a fish. I used to have a Malamute, who was my favorite companion animal ever. It broke my heart when she died. I have Bohemian, Irish, Native American, and Russian heritage. I was born and raised in Chicago, but I haven’t gone back there in a zillion years. As an adult, I have lived several places for a few years each, each quite different from the others. I have seen the Northern Lights. I am a goth. I have had money and I have been poor. I am idealistic. I have a Masters degree in management. My favorite authors of the ones I've read are Oscar Wilde, George Luis Borges, and Virginia Woolf. I appreciate social good manners. I listen to goth, industrial, EBM, and NPR. I haven't watched television in well over a decade. I think and feel many things that I don’t share (INFP). If I could be an animal, I would be a wolf. My respect is not a given. My favorite birds are magpies, crows, and jays because they are big and loud and obnoxious, and they don’t care. Shiny things attract me. I have been vegetarian off and on since I was 14. I believe that ghosts exist. I am a good leader because I am high-functioning, knowledgable, and I care about others, but I am not the typical bossy “leader type”. I am a loyal friend. I will allow myself to be hurt or harmed rather than have someone I love be hurt instead. I am very smart. I was never popular. I have been an anarchist and a feminist since I was very young. I do not drink or smoke or use drugs. My eyes are gray. I love to dance. I never wanted to have children. I am a BPAL addict. I do not like cold and snow.